Feb 4, 2010

LICENCE OF THE DECADE recently asked both licensors and licensees to choose their top brands from the last ten years.

This interesting article made us think; which brand would we choose from a Cause-Related Licensing perspective?

We asked our colleague Richard Wood, Licensing & Partnership Director at Louis Kennedy to choose his top brand over the last ten years.


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The Clangers are back in town and they are going to help YCR raise at least £ 20,000 in 2010 !

Dec 15, 2009

Louis Kennedy has been instrumental in helping Yorkshire Cancer Research enlist some out-of-this-world assistance to help in its fundraising efforts for 2010.

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Rebranding: a journey of discovery

Dec 11, 2009

The decade has seen increasing numbers of organisations placing value on their reputations as corporate citizens. Louis Kennedy evolved Cause-Related Marketing to help brands, retailers and charities achieve greater results. Clients needs have changed, and with it so did we, leading to a motivating rebranding programme.

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Jan 16, 2009



The latest US phenomenon is about to hit the UK. These colourful rubber bands are collected, swapped and worn by celebrities and children of all ages alike. Made of 100% silicone and shaped into a huge range of shapes from Animated characters to Zoological creatures, once you take your wristband off, it magically reverts to its original shape ! 

Licensed or otherwise, Collecta Bandz are a wonderful Cause-Related and fundraising product. Ideal as stocking fillers and birthday gifts they are set to take over playgrounds and schools this autumn. At pocket money prices children will want to collect every shape and colour and if used as regular rubber bands, they will be great fun in the office too.  

Louis Kennedy’s team can design and produce a wide variety of unique and bespoke shapes and associated POS - from Aliens to Zombies or Action Man to Zebedee.

Collecta Bandz are usually sold in sets from 5 to 25 and represent superb value for fun. Don’t get left behind, get on the Collecta Bandz-wagon now !

Contact or call 020 8371 8750.

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