Charities embrace new technology

Jun 30, 2017

How apps and tech are transforming the way

charities raise money 

Charities were slow to embrace new technologies, but innovative apps are now common in the fundraising sector.

 Photograph: Adrian Brooks / Imagewise/Adrian Brooks/Imagewise

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Barnardo’s launches exciting new Teletubbies partnership

Dec 15, 2016

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Leading children’s charity Barnardo’s is launching an exciting new partnership with the universally adored TV show Teletubbies.  Next year Barnardo’s hopes shoppers and fundraisers will go “Laa-Laa” for the collaboration and raise valuable funds for vulnerable children.

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T-Shirt Booth joins #GivingTuesday

Nov 12, 2015

Over 1,000 partners signed up for global day of giving


T-Shirt Booth has joined more than 1,000UK charities and businesses as an official partner of #GivingTuesday, a  global day of giving at the start of the festive season.

The day, led in the UK by the Charities Aid Foundation, takes place on December 1 and follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday  - two of the UK’s biggest shopping days. It is an opportunity for charities, families, businesses, community centres and students to come together to do something good for a cause they care about.

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Black Friday online sales reach $1.04bn

Nov 26, 2012

Online sales in the US during Black Friday reached $1.04 billion (£624 million), up 26 per cent on last year, it has been announced.

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Charities say lack of digital skills could damage fundraising prospects

Nov 13, 2012

New report shows that digital is essential to charities, yet there is more that can be done with it says Zoe Amar in her report for Guardian Professional published on 12th Nov 2012.   

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Time on Mobile Outstripping TV, says InMobi

Oct 9, 2012

Mobile web users now spend more time consuming media on smartphones than they do watching TV, according to research by ad network InMobi.


Britain's mobile data users consume an average nine hours of media a day - 2 hours, 47 minutes of which is spent on mobile, compared to 2 hours, 24 minutes watching TV.

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