YHA’s Mission is “to inspire all especially young people to broaden their horizons, gaining knowledge and independence through new experiences of adventure and discovery “

One of the key ways the organisation achieves this is through its Breaks 4 Kids initiative.

The Breaks 4 Kids bursary fund ensures that all children can benefit from a fun, educational experience at with YHA irrespective of their ability to pay.

Over the next three years YHA aspires to double the number of young people who benefit from Breaks 4 Kids from 5,000 in 2011 to 10,000 by 2014.To achieve this vision it is necessary to substantially increase the Breaks 4 Kids fund. With traditional funding channels for this work diminishing YHA identified the corporate sector as a potential source for sponsorship of Breaks 4 Kids.


In order to engage with strategic partners to raise awareness and funds for Breaks 4 Kids and thus be able to help more young people in more communities benefit from the experience, YHA turned to Louis Kennedy for help.


The brief was to develop an in-depth understanding of YHA, and use this knowledge to identify potential long-term strategic corporate partners for the Breaks for Kids bursary fund.

Louis Kennedy’s Director of Research Tracey Richardson said, “The most important aspect of the project was to establish the assets and benefits YHA can bring to a partnerships on the one hand and any shortfalls in the organisation’s ability to attract corporate partners on the other. Combining this with industry understanding of the motivation for a corporate to partner with a charity and clear rationale for a short list of potential partners was the focus of the research.”


Tracey immersed herself in the organisation including observing and participating in the last day of a school’s Breaks 4 Kids stay, gathering feedback from children, school staff, YHA hostel management and the education team.


Tracey said, “Having seen with my own eyes the positive impact the experience has on children and heard teachers describe the long term benefits they see back in the classroom, it convinced me that Breaks 4 Kids is an excellent product and certainly something which businesses would be proud to support and would help deliver against Corporate Social Responsibility goals.”


With YHA’s customer and membership base the commercial business to consumer (B2C) opportunities resulting from a partnership will also be very attractive to brands and retailers with a focus on the same target market as YHA.


Following presentation of the research findings, Caroline White, Chief Executive YHA (England & Wales) said, “Thank you so much for coming in today. I am really pleased with the thoroughness of your research and the evident commitment you have given this project. I loved the ideas you have come up with.”


Louis Kennedy’s consultancy services are available to be contracted on a staged basis depending on the needs of the client – be it a charity seeking corporate partners or a business looking for a charity partner to help deliver CSR objectives.


For further details visit www.louiskennedy.com or contact tracey@louiskennedy.com       

To learn more about YHA and its work visit www.yha.org.uk  

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