Statement from Louis Kennedy following article in Third Sector dated 13th September 2018

Working with national and international charitable organisations, retailers and consumer brands and also in association with Verité, the world’s leading not-for-profit Social Compliance agency, Louis Kennedy recognises that we share responsibility for the labour conditions, human rights, health and safety practices and product compliance within our supply chain.  As a company we are committed to working with Partner Suppliers to achieve long lasting positive change in workers standards and conditions.

This is an ongoing commitment underpinned by Louis Kennedy’s core values and founded on our key beliefs. Since 1991, we have garnered deep domain experience in the design, production and provision of high volume, ethically produced, quality products for charitable initiatives and Cause-Related programmes. We have a seasoned and professional team to ensure the quality, compliance and safety of product are of the highest of standards. 

Having designed, produced and delivered over one quarter of a billion products we have never had a product recalled. 


Louis Kennedy’s full ethical trading statement can be downloaded here:

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