Living Streets and Walk to School

The objective:
To devise a strategy to encourage more children to take part in Living Streets’ Walk to School initiative

The know how:
Louis Kennedy’s design and production experience enabled it to source new suppliers to make cost-effective and sustainable badges, which are given as rewards for children who participate. We carried out research and are helping Living Streets develop a licensing strategy for a character to front future campaigns

The results:
Louis Kennedy designed and produced badges made in the UK from recycled yoghurt pots which were cheaper than the imported aluminium ones used previously. We have delivered over 8.5 million badges in the first two years of the campaign.

Tony Armstrong, Chief Executive of Living Streets said, “We’re delighted with the new badges and the service Louis Kennedy is providing, and this has been reflected in the huge orders we have already received. They are also working with us to develop a communications programme to encourage even more schools across the UK to get involved, which really adds value to our Walk to School initiatives.”