Connect with the right cause and you connect with new consumers

Forging an alliance with the right partner helps brands and licensors drive sales, trial and footfall, and charities raise funds, awareness and participation. In the long term it increases brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

Social purpose is now a force to be reckoned with:

  • Over 83 % of consumers are willing to change consumption habits to make tomorrow’s world a better place*
  • 63% of consumers think brands spend too much on marketing/advertising and should put more into a good cause*

Our unrivalled industry knowledge allows us to pinpoint the partner that best fits with your brand and has the greatest capacity to extend your consumer base. The Louis Kennedy Cause-Related Marketing Community extends across a broad network in the charity sector. We can obtain a quick response on a charity’s level of interest and broker a long-term partnership that maximises the benefits of Cause-Related Marketing for both parties. We can also develop your existing relationship to give you better value.

*Source: Edelman GP global study 2008

Case studies
Child Bereavement UK, Barclays and Walker Books
Comic Relief, Monkey and PG Tips
The Retail Trust and Born to Shop