Organisations need to connect with people; characters capture people’s imagination

Characters must match causes and engage consumers; synergy is key to making the most of Cause-Related Licensing for charity, brand, retailer and licensor. The discipline of Cause-Related Licensing is unique to Louis Kennedy. We were solely responsible for aligning Asthma UK with Bagpuss, Tommy’s with Peppa Pig, NCH with Lord of the Rings and The Family Holiday Association with Fraggle Rock, to name but a few.

Cause-Related Licensing can be a minefield, especially when you don’t understand it. We’ve managed hundreds of character licences over the past decade and have helped many clients who are unfamiliar with the licensing world through the process.

We have strong personal links with key people from television, film, sport, and publishing and hold over 70 live classic and modern day character licenses from the world’s leading entertainment companies.

Case studies
Asthma UK and Bagpuss
BBC Children in Need, The Tweenies and The Muppets
Tommy’s The Baby Charity and Peppa Pig